Annie Sylling



Hi, I’m Annie Sylling and I love to create. Art has been my “safe-haven” since I was a young child. So, I’ve been creating for most of my life. I love getting in touch with my soul and forgetting the real world as I create.

What I do

I am a multi-media artist, creating with collage, acrylic, pastels, India inks and watercolor. I love to create and I have fun doing it. I am always looking for my next subject matter. Though I spend most of my time creating portraits and wildlife, I also create works of nature and fantasy. I also take commissions for portraiture and custom pieces.

Why I Create

I began my artistic journey capturing images of wildlife, soon moving on to portray people whose inner being demanded my attention. It was as if I didn’t have a choice, I was compelled by some inner force. I started with pencil and charcoal, graduating to pastel works. Over the years, I have incorporated several other mediums into my work, appreciating the diversity they offer. Most of my newer pieces are of the colorful sort as I have fallen in love with colors and their ability to influence feelings.

I desire to reflect life in my paintings, capturing the mood and personality of my subjects. I seek to create bold and expressive art pieces that demand a viewer’s attention. It is my ambition to create beautiful works of art with a message. I wish to create work that speaks to the soul.

I have a great passion for creating art and facilitating the healing it can provide for others.